Friday, May 13, 2011

The excitement was pretty high last night and this morning. I got out of bed early so that I could say Good Bye to Kurt. He laves for work at 5:30 am to go get on the train. Kurt is working on a build downtown. It always seems so strange to see him dressed in his coveralls and work clothes. Ajax was jumping around and making the usual pest of himself. Jumping around with a toy and begging me to play catch me and tug. Xena was there too and even though she is too old to be jumping around she was there getting pets and rubs.

Agnes and I had some breakfast and talked about what she was going to do while I was gone. If Agnes gets the yard work guys in, and gets that done it will be great. Spring was so late that I got none of it done. There are still big lumps of ice in corners of the dog run. Most of the yard is still too soft to work on. Soon it was time to head to the airport so Agnes drove me out and came into the airport so that we could say good bye after I had checked my bag and bike.

I don’t know why I seem to have not very much luggage this year. Last year I had two big heavy bags and this year I have only one bag which weighs only 35 pounds. I sure hope that I haven’t forgotten something which is going to turn out to be critical.

There was nobody at the checkin as we got there plenty early and there was very few in the security line so there I was ready to go. I even had time to check my e-mail but nobody had sent me anything that early in the morning. And before I knew it they were calling my flight. Debbie had booked my flight on Lufthansa to Frankfurt, Milan and finally on to Palermo. She said that the service on Lufthansa was the best and it was. I had areally nice meal took a sleeping pill, and woke up just in time for breakfast before landing in Frankfurt. Avery painless trip. Frankfurt however was a mad house and I had only a one hour layover. During that layover I had to clear customs, change terminals and clear airport security, It couldn’t have been done in Canada but they did it, as there were lots of lines and they really pushed the people through.

So here I am in Milan waiting on the plane for the final leg of my journey

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