Friday, May 13, 2011

on the Way

They are calling the flight now so it is time to put this way and we will continue it from my final destination. I have to tell you that I broke the trip into two entries as it took two days to get to Palermo. This time zone stuff really confuses the issue especially when you have more than one day of travel involved.

It was an easy flight from Milan down to Palermo. I had lots of time in the airport and I have to say that traveling through Milan was really the best way to go. In the airport I spotted two other guys with bikes so I asked them if they were with Bike Dreams and they were so we agreed to get a cab to the hotel together. It was hilarious as all the cabs were these little hatchback cars. Three guys with all the gear and three bike boxes in there but it worked out. And we were down to the hotel in no time.

We were all hungry so we headed off to find some food. The one fellow asked a local where to eat and after a lot of pointing and hand signals we were pointed in the right direction. The food was really delicious. We wound up back at the hotel about 9:30 pm and I just fell into bed.

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