Sunday, May 22, 2011

Up The Coast to Briatico May 21

Today’s ride was 76 kms with two climbs totalling 990 meters. Both climbs were rather short but were definitely in the steep category. The weather was over cast and just a little on the cool side in the morning so it was perfect cycling temperature. I set off with Bruce the Aussie. Together we are not the fastest but we don’t get lost and keep moving so we are always at the front.

As it turns out my bike takes very unusual spokes, The spokes are threaded on both ends. Most spokes are only threaded on the rim end and are hooked into the hub. Richard the mechanic did not have any of these type of spokes. So what he did was he took two spokes and made “S” bends in each one and then linked them together using a link of bike chain. It was a brilliant fix! It is strong and is supported by the spoke next to it where they cross. The wheel is totally true and runs great. I will still have to look for these specialized spokes next bike shop.

The ride went really fast and Bruce and I rolled in first of any of the riders. Everyone had gotten lost in Tropea which was this town about 15 kms back from camp. So as it was still early I went for a run which is the first run I have done since leaving Canada back on the 10th of May. It felt really great to stretch my legs out.

Well I see that the Kiwi’s have rolled into camp and are setting their tents up on top of mine. I just don’t understand why they always have to crowd me. It is a huge campground although not a very nice one and the showers are terrible. No hot water, and the nozzles are terrible.



Agnes said...

Every day is race day! What is being cooked in the large pot? How is the food? Must not be too bad or we would have heard about it by now.


Bryan said...

I love the Canada Jersey, Looks like your having a blast Terry!