Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25 bonus Pictures

To day was a great day for seeing a lot of really interesting sights. I also learned a new trick which is how to resize the pictures so they load fast. I hope you can see them.


Agnes said...

Great pictures Terry. I am glad you were able to update your blog today. Have fun and ride safe . . .these are not mutually exclusive!


Ken C. said...

Terry, just catching up with your blog this afternoon. Getting lost, chasing squirrels and other adventures seem to fit with your idea of a good ride.

We rode the Golden Triangle this weekend perfect conditions; generally overcast, with sunny periods, favourable breezes and no rain.

Thanks for the pics and the blog, and enjoy the ride.

Ed said...

Great updates, Terry. Wish I were riding with you. Sounds awesome.

lynne said...

Love the Pictures Terry!

lynne said...

When are you arriving in the Amalfii Coast?? I think its one of the most beautiful areas in the very careful biking through as tight turns and traffic are scary but worth every minute! Your in Lemoncello country now so make sure you try some:)Enjoy!!

Jim said...


I was thinking of you today as we drove from Phoenix to Santa Fe...good memories from 2007. Tonight we linked up with another biking couple and ate at La Fanda off the Plaza.

You continue to have quite the adventure. You sound quite resourceful in recovering from getting lost. Great pics. Keep up the good work.