Friday, May 13, 2011

An easy day

I woke up about 2:30 Am local time and had a terrible time getting back to sleep but when I did I didn’t wake until 9:30 AM.

I put my bike together and it seems to have made the journey in relatively good shape. The only not withstanding is that the padding I had under the front gear ring slipped out and the gear cut through the box. There is one tooth on the large ring which has been damaged so I may need a new gear. The test ride seems to give it a pass so I guess we are good to go.

After a late breakfast I changed into by running gear and went for a run. It was pretty nice just cruising along not having a cold wind blowing down your neck, or having to watch for spots where there is black ice on the pathway. The sun was hot so I turned around after 20 minutes and ran back to the hotel. It was a nice 40 minute run. I felt great.

A quick shower and then off to lunch.

The hotel is incredibly beautiful right on the coast and over looking this little harbour. However the internet is unbelievably expensive. It is 9 Euros for one hour. So I guess I will look for an alternative place to post my blog. I have just put a few of the local shots on the blog. There weren’t really of the Frankfurt airport, but then you figured that out. I hate to say it but this place is really authentic Italian.

Tomorrow is the organization day. Too exciting!!

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