Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 9 Cache Creek to 100 Mile House - Addendum

First off I would like to apologize as I incorrectly stated that the mileage along the Cariboo Highway starts at Cache Creek (as per Wikipedia – Oops).  As was correctly pointed out it starts in Lillooet.

 The second thing I would like to say is that we have greatly enjoyed the hospitality we have received on our travels.  A great example of this was the wonderful schnitzel we had up at Happy Landing Restaurant in 100 Mile House. It was GREAT!  

The third and last thing I would like to say is how great the truck drivers have treated us. These guys are get a bad rap. The drivers behind the wheels of those huge chip trucks and the three buggy log trucks are amazing. Never on the shoulder and always way over the center line when nobody is coming. Some times when the road is a little tight a quick tap of the horn to let me know. As an example we were coming up though the construction south of 100 Mile House where the shoulder has been excavated and there is a 4 foot drop.  It is pouring rain and I am grinding along at 25 kms/hr and this logging truck comes up behind me.  He gears down a follows me through the section until the oncoming lane is clear rather than he can make a pass. Thanks I appreciated it.


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