Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 15 McBride to Mt Robson

I really don’t know where to begin as this was as close to a perfect day as it gets.  We had a beautiful campsite in McBride and the morning was just perfect. The wasn’t a breath of a breeze with slightly broken cloud and perfect cycling temperature.  So not only was it a relatively short day at only 76 Kms but there was only one significant climb of 125 m in height and 3 kms long.

The Yellow Head highway continues to be a cyclists dream with beautiful wide shoulders and perfectly smooth pavement.  So even though my legs were a little on the tired side from two back to back long days the going was easy and there was no really hurray to the day.  I had not ridden the section from McBride into Tete Jaune Cache before but it was a very nice section of road. At Tete Jaune Cache the Yellow Head highway meets the southern branch of the Yellow Head Highway which comes up from Kamloops. As a side note we rode this ride in the Rockies I tour.  From Tete Jaune Cache to Mt Robson we rode though the Red Pass which is not very steep or high but is quite narrow and with the Frazer River just off to the side of the road it is gorgeous. 

We hit the big view point for Mt Robson and Mt Terry Fox were all the riders were assembled for group shots.  Mt Robson was putting on a great display with only the very top in a single cloud. From there we rolled down to the Mt Robson Park sign which is the distinctive mountain goat and the mountain in the back ground. More pictures and climbing on the sign.  

We rolled on down the last kms into the Info Center Parking lot to find Agnes and the motorhome. From there we adjourned to the Mt Robson Meadows campground for lunch and a lazy afternoon.  I enjoyed an afternoon nap.

It was steak night for supper and they were perfect. We enjoyed a couple of bottles of New Zealand wine Jos had selected with the steaks and I cannot say when I have had a more enjoyable glass of red.

After supper I noticed that the clouds had all dissipated leaving a beautiful blue sky. So we walked out to the visitor center from the campground to catch a picture of Mt Robson. The sun was just above the horizon and perfectly illuminating the south west face. WOW it was an absolute picture postcard shot.

It just doesn’t get any better!


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