Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 5 Revelstoke to Salmon Arm

To days ride was pretty short at only 110 kms but everyone was keen to get going so we were out of the campground at 7:45 Am. Not that this was a bad thing as this got us down the road just that much further before the traffic started.

It was a beautiful day and I was out and on the road with Ed who has the same pace as I do so it is really easy to ride along with him.  We are riding west on the TransCanada so for the most part we a very nice wide shoulder. In fact we hit this new section where the road had been widened and the new pavement was some of the smoothest I have ever ridden. Unfortunately it didn’t last and soon we were back on the old pavement. Some of it had this really rough shoulder which made you hug the white line where it was smooth. But then a bunch of vehicles would pass and you would be right back on the rough shoulder. 

We passed the Three Valley Gap Resort to day and it reminded me of the Rockies I tour. On Rockies I tour everybody stopped and went in and wandered through the lobby of this tourist trap but not today everybody just rolled through. 

 Tonight we are in Pierre’s Point camp ground which is right on the beach.  So Ajax and I pulled on our swim shorts and went for a swim I think we were the only ones.  It is a beautiful spot looking out over the Shuswap Lake. The beach is just gorgeous. However the train tracks are less than 75 ft. from our camp site. It is a slight uphill grade and the trains are accelerating out of town. The campground operator offered me ear plugs when we checked in.

Supper tonight is my favorite – Pork chops  -- Yahoo!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the blog, Terry! It's fun to keep up with my dad (Ed) and the rest of your rag-tag crew. Enjoy!

~Jaime Wrabetz