Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 6 Salmon Arm to Kamloops

The fellow who offered me ear plugs for the train wasn’t kidding.  When a heavily loaded train with several helper engines came pass it rattled the fillings in your teeth out.  Trains notwithstanding, it was a very nice place to camp under the giant cedar and ponderosa pines.

The hotellers showed up early and we were ready to go when they got there so everyone pushed off together, well except for Earnie who had been chopping at the bit and left early.  With only 100 kms to ride, there was no panic to get down to Kamloops as the hotel rooms would not be ready before 3:00 PM.  So naturally we roared off with wild abandon charging down to Chase where lunch was at the 45 kms mark.

Early on a Sunday morning the only people on the road were the golfers who were hurrying to an early Tee time. It was very pleasant with not a breath of wind and full sun. There were several steep but short climbs of less than a kms, and lots of descents of a several kms or more. The day was generally downhill. Before you could blink an eye we were in Chase which is a small town along the river and I think it is kind of a retirement community although at one time it was important stop for the paddle wheelers. Lunch was in the very nice road side park which was attached to the local travel info center and as usual was great with lots of cold cuts, cheese, and fresh vegetable for making wraps. Desert was brownies which had been in the sun were warm and sticky just like they came fresh out of the oven.

 I was originally thinking that we should sag into Kamloops as the last 30 kms into town is down a very busy 4 lane freeway. However being a Sunday there was very little traffic and with a slight tail wind and being downhill we covered the distance in less than an hour.  Naturally we were in the hotel shortly after 12:00 and told that it would be 3 hrs before the rooms would be ready. So we had a bike party in the parking lot. Bike stands came out along with cleaning supplies and the bike party was on. Public ordinance against drinking in public was ignored. Laundry was sorted and people crossed the street and got that business taken care of. 

Tonight we are in the historic Plaza Hotel in down town Kamloops. It has been lovingly restored and is a great place to stay right downtown. There must be 30 places to eat within a block, Bike shop one block down, laundry one block, beautiful city pack two blocks.
Tomorrow is a rest day. Agnes and Julie are off to buy groceries so I know we will eat well in the upcoming week.

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