Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 12 A Day Off in Quesnel

Part of the group wanted to go up to visit Barkerville this morning so they jumped in the van and headed off.  I was staying with Ajax as the Barkerville Park is not dog friendly.  This meant that I got up late and had a lazy breakfast with Earnie and Jos.

Quesnel was celebrating Billy Barker Days and so the whole town was dressed to party. The main street was shut down and there was a huge flea market on main street, there was a midway in the big park down by the info center, a farmers market in another park, flower baskets hanging from every light post, bands on the corners, a big rodeo was on, a demolition derby complete with mud bog races and of course a parade.  So being parade types Earnie, Jos, Ajax, and I walked across the big bridge to downtown and found a nice shady spot to sit on the curb and watch.  It was a great parade. It had everything from marching bands, to the Shriners in the little cars. Everybody loved the parade.

After the parade Ajax and I headed back to the motorhome as it was 29C and too hot for a big black dog wearing a thick fur coat.  After a snack a cool down we went for a little walk but it was too hot so were retreated to the A/C in the motorhome where we both enjoyed an afternoon nap. 

By 4:00Pm the Barkerville tour group was back and we sat in the parking lot drinking beer and telling tales.  Jos and I walked up and got takeout pizza for supper and then had a little riders meeting.

It was everything a rest day is supposed to be --- Lazy.

Tomorrow is 172 kms up to Purden Lake so early night.


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