Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 4 Golden to Revelstoke

Day 4 Golden to Revelstoke 
 It was chilly this morning and everyone had jackets and leg warmers on.  We made quite a sight standing around the breakfast table warming our hands on with the coffee cups. Liam left directly from his hotel really early and Earnie left camp about 45 minutes early as well.  I had to help Agnes back the motorhome out so I left last. Then wound up turning around as I decided I wanted a different jacket.  However once on the way I warmed up quickly and as soon as the sun clear the mountain top it was very pleasant. In fact this was a perfect day for a bike ride. No wind, not too hot and not too cold.
The days ride from Golden to Revelstoke is 154 kms and takes you over the Rogers Pass. The Rogers Pass is the last pass though the Selkirk Mountains.  While just under a century ride this is an extremely challenging ride however as there are two serious climbs involved. The road is very nice over all with only a few very minor patches where the shoulder is broken.  
This ride is definably one of beauty as the mountains tower above you on both sides. The first climb starts 30kms out of Golden and gives you sweeping vistas of the valley below.  This climb is followed by 20 kms of short climbs and descents. Then over a 7 km stretch you drop 400 meters before the final climb to the summit which takes you through a number of snow sheds. The sheds are quite short and open on the down slope side. The one shed which is not open is lighted so visibility is not a problem. Only one shed is dark however it is quite short. This is kind of disconcerting as you cannot see anything so the only choose is to just ride straight and hope for the best.
The summit was quite chilly and a stiff wind was blowing and although there was a great lunch spread in front of the riders we grabbed a quick lunch and hurried on.  Ed and I were riding together and it was really great out riding with a good friend. The down slope has three sheds but going downhill is so much easier they just fly pass.  In fact I hit 63.8 kms/hr on the down slope today.
We went out for pizza tonight which was great as everyone was so exhausted after such a big day.

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