Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 16 Mtn. Robson to Jasper

You could not have asked for a nicer day when we rolled out this morning. The sky was crystal clear blue.  Mtn Robson was postcard perfect. The sun shining on the south east face and it was so beautiful. So after a quick photo we were off and it was a big climb right away. I had started with arm and leg warmers but never made it to the top of the hill before they were peeled off.   

This was to be an 89 kms ride day which was the second short day after the two long days.  There are 3 long days coming and everyone was glad to have a shorter day.  However there was a head wind and while it wasn’t really strong it was incessant and it made riding just that much more difficult.  The weather was hot and while early on the bright sun seemed so cheery it now beat down on everyone and cooked us.

The route took us past a number of mountain lakes and streams and they were so pretty. The mountains had become much steeper and reached far above the tree line compared to back at McBride where we had been just a couple of days before.

We had a great lunch in a parking lot in Jasper. Some of the crew rode on up to Patrica Lake but I decide to roll straight down to the campground as there was chores to be done. We were camped in the Wapiti Campground which is 4 kms south on the Icefields Parkway. The campsite was barely big enough to fit the motorhome and the showers were close to a km from the campsite. The Wapiti campground has 360 sites and only one shower building. It has only 6 stalls (3 men, 3 women). We were in the early afternoon but there must be line ups out the door.

We had a great supper of pork chops which were really the size of roasts. They were great. In addition Siubhan (Liam’s wife) had stopped at a bakery and purchased desert squares. They were so delicious. It was a wonderful treat.

It was only 89 kms but much tougher ride than people thought.


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