Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 3 Field to Golden

 It poured rain most of last night. When we awoke there was still a heavy set of clouds hiding the tops of the mountains.  Everyone had leg warmers and tights on and while it was not raining, it looked and felt eminent.  Ken C had his full rain suit packed in the trunk of his bike and had forgone butting sun screen on. This proved to be a charm as we never did see the forecast rain.  In fact by 10:00 Am it had cleared off and was a beautiful sunny day.

Liam kept up his wildlife spotting streak with a herd of bighorn sheep. 

I had a puncture today from one of the little wire needles left but the steel belted tires when they blow.  However the two Kens are well out in front with 4 flats.

It was only 60 kms down to Golden and so I was in by about 11:00 am which beat the motorhome in.  Having the afternoon off was great I got laundry done, bike cleaned and pedals lubed , and worked on my blog done. 

Tomorrow is the big day through the Rogers Pass.




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