Monday, June 6, 2011

A Short Day June 4 2011

Today’s ride was only 78 kms and the tour crew had advised us not to leave before 8:00 AM as they were concerned that we may get ahead of the lunch truck. But I wanted to get rolling early as I didn’t want to have a repeat of yesterday and the thunder storm. So I told Richard who does the lunch that I was leaving early and if he was there at lunch great if not then I would find something along the way.

I was a very pleasant morning to ride along peaceful tree lined country roads. There was very little traffic and it was just perfect. There are so many wild flowers out in the ditches and in the fields that you can almost hear Julie Andrews singing. At 35 km mark there was a very unique castle which belonged to one of the brigands. They were kind of early Mafia types which ran the country side prior to the unification of Italy and the organization of the country. I stopped for a few minutes to take a picture.

Just before lunch was this huge climb up to this mountain town. I spotted a fountain just before the climb so I had two full bottles of cold water. The climb was all out in the sun and I was soaked in sweat up time I made it up to the top. I was a good thing that I had stopped at the fountain. Both bottles were empty at the top.

Lunch was already set up so in I rolled. After lunch it was only 30 kms to camp and I jumped on the pedals as I could see the clouds building. I got in and could hear the thunder banging away so I set my tent up. As I got out of the shower it was raining.

It looks like it might be a nice evening, as the clouds are moving off.


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Ken C. said...

Julie Andrews; yes, now I have a perfect picture in my head. Did you sing "My Favorite Things" during the thunder storm?