Monday, June 6, 2011

A Great Ride Through Tuscany June 5

Today the ride was 91 kms through the country side of Tuscany. We were camped in a small campsite just out side of Castel del Piano. The campsite was nice enough however it was very heavily over grown with trees and bushes. I guess if it had of been hot and sunny we would have been glad of the shade. However as it was rainy it seemed just mossy.

The morning sky however was a brilliant blue and I wanted to get rolling as soon as I could. These afternoon thunder showers have been killers. So I gobbled down my breakfast and was on the road at 7:20. It was just great cruising along in the cool of the morning. Not a car in sight and a beautifully paved road. The quality of the roads has improved remarkably in the last few days. This area is obviously much better off than the south of Italy.

I have heard a lot of stories about the beauty of Tusacny and I do believe them. It is more than rolling hills. In fact a lot of them are quite steep, especially on the country roads where we are riding. Having said all that I have found that riding down a country lane on a sunny day without a breath of wind has a lot of beauty to it. You sure don’t have to be in Tuscany to enjoy the beauty.

I roll along take a picture and then roll some more. Lunch comes up way too fast and then before you know it I am in Sienna, and camp. What a great ride!

I dry my tent, have a shower, grab a bowl of soup and am looking at the sky. It looks bad. It is 3:00 PM when the first bang of thunder hits. I dive for my tent, just in time. Crashing lightning and thunder for then next several hours. I don’t think I feel like standing in the rain to take the bus into town, even though Siena is suppose to be one of the prettiest towns in Tuscany.

Huddled in my tent.


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