Monday, June 6, 2011

67 Kms To Florence June 6 2011

The lightning storm which started at around 3:00 pm lasted until close to midnight. By then the party in the camp restaurant was well under way. The camp ground was at the base of 6 meter high retaining wall and on top of the wall was a main road. So every time a vehicle went by it echoed into the campground.

When I crawled out of the tent this morning it was close to 100% humidity. Everything was soaked. My tent was wet but my gear was dry. A lot of the other campers were not so luck as they had set their tent up in a place where the water had run into their tent.

Yaap had made omelettes for breakfast. They were full of sausage and very yummy. Today’s ride was only 67 kms and 897 meters of climbing making it one of the shortest rides of the tour. The sky looked very bad as a result of yesterday’s storm. You could see rain in different valleys along the route. So not wanting to get caught I kept moving.

The scenery was spectacular however a lot of it was obscured by the mist in the valleys. I took a few pictures but not many. We were down to Florence before the luggage truck or any of the tour staff. The camp ground is very crowded and we have hardly any space to camp. I set up out of bounds then got kicked out of there but the campground owner gave me a really premium spot.

After supper we walked down town which is only 10 minutes away. I was totally blown away.

Tomorrrow is a rest day so I will go to town and tour.



Ed W said...

Terry -

It just seems to get better and better (except for the rain). Hope you enjoy your day off in Florence. Have a glass of wine for me.

Ken C. said...

Terry, there is lots to see in Florence. Enjoy your rest day.