Saturday, June 18, 2011

Food Poisoning June 18 2011

To day is the first rest day in Como. On Monday we start the Alps tour. It is much shorter and I believe only 11 stages with two rest days. It is probably just as difficult a trip as the one we have just finished. Well actually I cannot conceive how it could be any more difficult and expect normal riders to complete the ride. This has been a fabulous trip in a lot of ways. I have seen so much and learned so much about Italy. I never really had any appreciation for Italy before. The infrastructure which has been put in place is unbelievable. Everything from the ultra modern auto strada and huge tunnels to the smallest detail in the smallest village. It is real testament to the strength and durability of the Italian people. When people think of Italy they think of the wine and the food. However that is only a tiny part of what is here.

This morning I woke up at 4:30 Am with a tremendous stomach ach. However I lay in bed until 6:45 trying to be quiet as I have two other room mates. I went down to breakfast and although the hotel put out a great spread I couldn’t eat anything. However there are chores to do and number one on the list is laundry. So I packed my clothes into my back pack and headed off with Dennis. We found a great laundry and I had to loan Dennis 4 Euros but mission accomplished. Next laundry is in Calgary. Found a pharmacy and got some anti acid pills and they are helping. It looks like just about everyone got food poisoning last night. Some people have been up all night with it coming out both ends. So I consider my self lucky. I think I am going to take a sleeping pill and try and sleep this one off.

We have two rest days in Como and I am looking forward to seeing my friend Jurg who is joining me on this ride.

There are no photos today as I would have to walk around Como to take some and that is out of the question sorry.



Jurg said...

I feel sorry for you Terry.
You did not deserve this food poisoning.
I hope for you it turns out to be this 24 hrs story.
Perhaps the change from the Italian to the French food helps also.
Let's see whether this poison makes you even more aggressive on the climbs ???

Ken C. said...

Terry, ate a little something that wasn't on the menu? Thankfully, both food poisoning and hypothermia are quick to recover from, and hopefully these will be the worst of your ailments. Good luck, and I look forward to your blogs next week.