Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Day Off June 22 2011

It is always nice to have a day off. However in this case I cannot understand why we have a day off. The Les Dix Alpes has 11 stages so why have a rest day after only 2 days? It seems to me that a rest day would be much better after three or four days of riding. If we had that split we would have 3-4-4, instead of the 2-4-5 split. I really would have preferred to put another pass behind me. The only reason I can think of is that the crew wanted to take the truck and drive up to see the Matterhorn. Mean while we are stuck in this little nowhere town with nothing to do. Nice – Real Nice.

There was fresh bread and sweet rolls delivered to the campsite by this local baker. Jurg was quick to spot this so we cleaned up the cinnamon buns for breakfast, before the other riders clued into the fact that there was fresh bread and other bakery items for sale. We then walked the km or so into town and wandered around. There wasn’t much to see so it didn’t take long. We found a bike shop and wandered in there. I was able to get a new water bottle to replace the one with a cracked top. I also found a really nice light set for my bike. There is white LED light for the front and a red LED for the rear. They are of the new mounting style which is with a rubber band, making them very easy to mount on the bike. My bottle of soap got squished in my luggage on the trip in here so I had to buy a new bottle of soap. There wasn’t much left in the bottle but it did make a mess. Fortunately the mess was right on top and was easy to clean up.

Shopping done and after a coffee we wandered back to the campsite, for an afternoon snooze. We will head back down town in a while and get some supper.

Ok here is an idea. Everyone is dog tired, especially the carry over riders from Palermo. So look on the map and see where the train goes. If the train goes down to the next campground then jump on the train. They run every hour and are very inexpensive. You just roll your bike down the ramp and jump on.

Tomorrow is another big climb. One pass down and nine to go.



Anonymous said...

Too bad about the boring town and not needed rest day...I agree!! This does not make any sense.
Im interested on the picture you posted with all the thumd tacks on it...what is it??? Not a bike seat I hope:) Happy trails!!

Jim said...

Hey Terry,

You sound like you are all charged up and raring to take on those passes, but have to wait another day. It can't be too bad being in the Alps on a beautiful summer day with fresh baked goods and Jurg as your tour guide. Remember, you are going native. I heard Don Oaks scheduled an operation so he could drink beer with us instead of doing the 170 km ride. Ha!

Jim said...


While you were napping, I went out at 0530 this morning and did a 33 mile ride, at a fast pace. It was really a beautiful ride at sunrise. The high today is 113 deg F.

Tinh T. said...

Lynne, yes it was a bike seat :D I remember seeing that at the bike shop. It does tend to feel like that after a while in the saddle doesn't it? Great idea.