Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Floren Bonus Picture Post June 7

I am trapped in this bar because of the rain which is coming down in sheets. So here are a few pictures from around Florence.



Agnes said...

I guess there are worse placed to be trapped!


Jurg said...

As you are not Muslim (yet),it was probably not too bad in the bar, I bet.
What I miss is a picture from the inside of the bar ;-)
The weather trend towards Venice is better. Sell your rain jacket !
Bad news for you from my side: Yesterday I bought a new bike. The bike guy says it will make me at least 10k/hrs faster ! No Terry, don’t worry, there is no chance to beat a Canadian with 30 days of Italian cycling experience. (unless you get lost on the route???) Looking forward seeing you in Como soon. And thanks again for your reports and pics. I really love following your trip.

Anonymous said...

ah, life is tough! I'm trapped here on this continent with mosqitoes sucking the life out of me!
but I got a new bike so life is GOOD!!
ride on!

Don said...

Oh Boo Hoo, stuck in a bar.
Man, some things suck

Oh look another hill, correction...
Oh look another hill and rain.