Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Rain June 23 2011

It poured all night lat night, so I would have thought that I would have gotten it out of it’s system but when I got up I see that the clouds fill the valley. The ride for the day is up the Grand Saint Bernard pass which is one to the biggest on the tour. Juerg and I set out up the valley and the first 75 kms pass quickly as it is a flat ride and we have found a local rider who pulls us almost the entire way.

Just before lunch I stop to help fix a flat and Juerg rides on. When I get to lunch he is not there. What happened to him? I hang around but no Juerg. Finally I have to ride on but it is now pouring rain so I have my rain suit on. It is 40 kms to the top of the pass, and I can do about 10 so it is a 4 hr grind. With 15 kms to go Richard come by with the truck and I decide to get in the truck. I just can’t stand another 1.5 hr in the pouring rain.

The truck gets to the top in 20 minutes but now we sit and wait until the last riders get to the top which is 5:30: PM. I walk around and go for a couple of little hikes on some of the hiking trails. There are some St Bernard dogs that live in the hostel which is at the top so I play with them. They are really friendly.

In the end my cycling computer gets lost in the confusion which is in Richards van and all the bags. We camp in the rain.

I understand there is a place in the Gobi desert where it hasn’t rained in 150 years. I am moving there.



Tinh T. said...

Thank you Terry for waiting for us that day. It was certainly tough and it would have been even more tough trying that climb in the pouring rain!
Your tip helped us keep the cold out on the descent. Thank you again! :)

Tinh T. said...

Thank you for your patience that day to wait for us! It was a very tough day, but I can imagine how bad it would have been when it was pouring rain.

I really appreciate your advice at the top as well. It kept out the cold on the way down to camp.

Thank you!