Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Beautiful Day In Como June 19 2011

I felt very much improved this morning. Yesterday’s stomach flu which swept through the group has pretty much passed. I think that Bruce was the only one who was still suffering. So I completed the remaining chores which included cleaning my bike, re-wrapping the handle bars with new tape, and getting my gear organized.

I was just finished these chores when there was a tap on the door of the room and it was my good friend Jurg. Jurg and I have put many miles on together and it was really great to see him. Being the first truly sunny day since we left Rome we went for a stroll through the streets of Como and walked along the lake shore. It was so nice catching up on what has happened since we last rode together in the Canadian Rockies. We watched an antique car parade and had a wonderful lunch in a side walk café in front of the Como cathedral. It opened at 3:00 PM and then we went in a visited the cathedral. What a marvellous building. The love which has gone into building these monuments is truly unbelievable.

We had to be back for the briefing at 4:00 pm and to get our new jerseys for the Alps ride. They are a very nice aqua blue colour with the route shown on it. It will be a very nice bragging rights piece.

I have scrounged a sleeping mat from one of the riders who was leaving and so my failed air mattress is in the garbage bin. These are very deluxe mats aand it will be great not to have to re-inflate my air mattress at 2:30 AM.

Tomorrow we start the new section.



chris said...

Just catching up on your ride through the mountains. I can't believe that climb! It is amazing and I am in awe of your strength in finishing it. You are a machine. The pictures are spectacular.

Jim said...

Hey Terry,

I got a few days behind and see there has been quite a change in scenery. You are doing some serious mountains. You are tough as nails dealing with more rain, cold, and a bout of food poisoning. This is turning out to be high adventure! I know you'll have a great time with Jurg. Give him my best.

Agnes said...

Say Hi to Juerg for me. I am sure that he can add some insight to the route that you guys will ride. I am glad to hear that you are on the mend from the food poisoning. Have a great time.

Agnes said...

And . . .what is it with you and air mattresses??