Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9 Lake Tekapo to Owaka

It was a very long and busy day. We were in the van at 8:00 am this morning and pulled up in front of tonight’s motel at 7:45 Pm.  Where to start and what to talk about without leaving out some important things?

Do I include catching a glimpse of Mount Cook, the largest mountain in New Zealand?  We did see the very top from a distance however before we got up to it the clouds had closed in and it was obscured.

We rolled in to Oamaru and wandered down the street in the historic district which has been turned into an artist district.  There was everything from limestone carving, antique clothing stores, and the Steam Punk HQ.  I was really interesting seeing all the art works and the steam punk stuff was the junk yard welding art on steroids.   There was a penny farthing bike there which you could take for a spin.  I little bit of a climb to get on but lots of fun. 

For sure seeing the round concretions along the beach at Moeraki beach would have to count as a high light.  These are world famous and everybody who goes to New Zealand has to make a pilgrimage down to see these most unusual objects.   Very special conditions had to exist for them to form and for these concretions to be form happened only here. They are between 1.0-2.0 meters in diameter and are just in this one spot. 

Another highlight of today had to be having lunch at Fleur’s.  Fleur’s is an extremely highly rated restaurant. Top foodies from around the world say that there are only a couple of things to do in New Zealand and one of them is to eat at Fleurs.  Here is a link:  We had the Venison platter which had samples from all of her special venison recipes.  We also had the sea food platter which had samples of all of the sea food delicacies which were taken off the local boats this morning.  I was totally blown away with meal.  It was just incredible. Fleur was there and we had the opportunity to meet her.  I even got my picture taken with her.

It might not be a five star motel here in Owaka but I am glad to be here and bed is going to be welcome.

The Kiwi expression for today is “panel beater”   Nobody knows that one.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, Terry. Collision repair shop! Body shop. Long day, but you sure had a lot to see.
Later, Earnie

Gail said...

I sure hope you did not have to go to a "panel beater" because you wrecked the car! Looks like a great day and continue to love the pics. Those concrete balls are a mind boggler. The food looked very interesting and varied, but I think I will pass on the venison and stick to the sea food. You continue to make my morning as I read about your daily adventure. Thanks again for the blog.

Anonymous said...

I guess you visit the panel beater when someone runs the trundled into the side of your auto in the grocery store parking lot. (Do I get extra marks for using two NZ expressions in the same sentence?)

I feel like I am really falling behind when I read about the day that you have finished and blogged about when I am just starting the same day.

I thin riding a penny farthing would be a scary experience. Carry on and keep up the good work.

Calgary Ken C.

Cynthia Bergland said...

Looks like loads of fun...what kind of temps do you have?

Bruce Wiechert said...

Looks like you are having a great experience. Those concrete/rock balls were bizarre. Have fun.
Bruce W.

Jim said...

Hey, Terry; congrats to Agnes! Loving the pics, but would also like to see some of Agnes and Amy to know they are hanging in there with you. Are they exploring other trails? Sandra