Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2 2016 On the way

We had dropped Ajax off last night so the house seemed empty this morning when I got up.  No big cold wet nose telling me it was time to roll out and let him out.  Nobody getting in the way looking up wanting his breakfast.  It sure seemed strange.   However there was no time to sit and miss him as there was lots of last minute tasks to perform. 

Agnes was busy rethinking the luggage situation.  The Air New Zealand carry on restrictions and luggage rules have us in a flap trying to figure out what we can take.  So after a final repack I wound up with the lap top bag and a small duffle and Agnes a large purse and small duffle. 

The taxi was there before we knew it and down to the airport.  Lucky thing we had left plenty of time as there was a ticketing malfunction at the Air Canada counter. However the ticket agent straightened it out and we were off, to the little turbo prop airplane which would shuttle us over to Vancouver for the big flight to Auckland. 

In Vancouver we have a 4 hour layover so we have a nice lunch. The plane is sitting out on the runway and she looks like kind of an old bird.  Maybe it is just the gray overcast of Vancouver.

This is my first time across the date line so I lose a day.  Leave here on March 2 and arrive March 4.  I am not sure how this actually plays out and how it will work on the blog thing does this mean that there is no posting for March 3.  What actually happens to that day? Why am I the only person this happens to when everyone else in the world gets a March 3? 



Anonymous said...

Terry, you kind of loan the day to the time gods, and then you get it back when you come home! You will probably be home, at least to Canada, before you leave New Zealand! You two look happy in your selfie, have fun.


Anonymous said...

Further to Earnie's comment; might those happy smiles be Valium induced? Keep up the good work.

Calgary Ken C.

Cynthia Bergland said...

Following along...let the riding begin!! Wishing you a fabulous trip...Cynthia