Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6 2016 Wellington to Blenheim

This morning was busy; Tom wanted to find a rain coat and some water proof gloves so we headed off downtown to hit some bike shops and to get the rental van.   At the bike shop Tom found a great rain coat for only $140 and a pair of paddling gloves for $80. What a steal!  We then grabbed the van and when back to Jos’ place to load up.

The ferry was delayed so we had an extra hour to get ready and we used every minute of that hour.  The ferry ride was absolutely beautiful.  The sky was pure blue and the ocean was almost dead calm.   Jos said that the Cook Straight was never as calm and beautiful as we had it today.  It was beautifully warm and sunny and being out on the ocean was perfect.  Often being outside on ferry rides is cold and blustery but not today. 

Because we didn’t leave until 2:30 we didn’t dock until 6:00 and then we had to drive down to Blenheim.   We arrived at 7:00 Pm and Tom, Amy and I headed off to a pub and Jos took Agnes off for a driving lesson.   We were just finishing the first round, when Agnes and Jos rolled in.  Agnes had passed the driving lesson.  She had found the traffic circles a little confusing but was good on everything else. 

A wonderful day of touring and a great ferry ride.



Anonymous said...

That was really nice of Jos to take Agnes out for a driving lesson. Slow and steady will rule the driving day, that and waiting until another car comes by to make sure you are on the correct side of the road!

Later, Earnie

Howard Brown said...

Great to see that the weather is cooperating! Good luck to Agnes with the driving. She will be comfortable with it in a couple days.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog and great photos. I agree with Terry and Howard; a few days driving on the left, and a few scuffed left-hand tires, and it will become comfortable.

Keep up the good work.

Calgary Ken C.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that should have been Earnie, not Terry, although I probably agree with whatever Terry said too.

Calgary Ken C.

Jim said...

Off to a great start if Agnes can reprogram to driving on the wrong side of the road and you made the channel crossing in calm weather.

Anonymous said...

ditto the comments re good luck to agnes on the driving. I am sure she will have no problem.