Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 26, 2016 Rest Day in Pohora

We are living the life of luxury here at the Ratanui Lodge in Pohara.  Pohara is a beach resort town along Golden Bay.

Being a rest day the schedule was to relax all day.  Heavy on the low key.   Agnes and I slept until almost 8:30 Am this morning which was quite a change from the up at 6:45 am.  We almost missed the continental breakfast which was served until 9:00.  However lying in the big beautiful bed with the wonderful fine linens was so luxurious we just didn’t want to get up.

After breakfast Agnes and Lynn went up the road to see some art galleries in Collingwood and Jos, Tom and Amy and myself drove into Takaka.   Tom and Amy wanted to do some gift shopping and Jos and I just strolled the little tourist town.  We wandered into the local museum which told the history of Golden Bay.  It was very interesting as it described the early years of the gold rush, the early farming and logging and there was even a iron ore mining operation which not only mined ore but smelted it and poured cast iron fittings and pipe.  

After the museum we meetup with Tom and Amy, who had been successful in their shopping and headed off to see Te Waikoropupu Springs (Pupu Springs).   Te Waikoropupu Springs are known for their unusual clarity and have visibility to 63.0 meters which is compred to distilled water which would have visibility to 85 meters.  These springs are of spiritual importance to the Maori as the home of one of the female legends.  The springs are huge and have very large river flowing out of them and the water is unbelievably clear.   A picture taken with my water proof camera shows how clear the water is.

During the entire trip we have heard about the silver fern. New Zealand has been looking to get a new flag and were proposing to put it on the flag (however the referendum has been defeated).  We have seen millions of ferns of every size and description but no silver ferns.  Tom and I have started saying that it must be a mythical plant. Today at Te Waikoropupu we found some silver ferns.

After a picnic lunch Agnes and I and Jos and Lynn went for a stroll along the beach.  It was so beautiful and serene.  Miles of sand and lapping waves.  Sun streaming down. 

Jos had arranged for a special celebration supper in the hotel.  It featured lots of New Zealand specialties the center piece of which was rack of lamb.  WOW is all there is to say.  Then at rider meeting Jos had rider awards for everyone. 



Anonymous said...

Great place for a rest day. The pictures are wonderful. It is good that Lynn was able to join all of you. I had to Google Map the town, as I have never heard of it! Thanks for sharing your trip. Later, Earnie

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a beautiful, exciting trip. Your photos were terrific--a tour for us without leaving home! Enjoy the rest of your time in NZ. J&E

Milly Johnson said...

Great way to enjoy traveling!

Jim said...

Congrats on another epic adventure. You ended with the sun shining and in great spirits and health. Way to go from Down Under! Love all the pictures.