Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 27, 2016 Pohora to Wellington

This morning we loaded bikes and checked out of our luxury hotel.  We headed down the road under beautiful blue skies and warm weather.   It was kind of déjà vu as we drove back over the Takaka Hill.  I really think that the west side is steeper than the east side, however in the van it was a lot easier. 

Tom had decided to leave a pair of his shoes behind so we stopped by the fence which had all the shoes tied to it.  Tom had signed his shoes for other people to know he had been along.

Tom Jos and I then drove up to Jos’ forest which is just south of Nelson. Jos has built a very nice cabin on top of a hill which has commanding views of the surrounding hills.  He has cut some of the trees and is getting ready to to cut some more.  It is amazing how large the trees get in only 25 years.  In Canada pines this large would be easily 100 years old.  Jos was leaving the bike that Tom had been riding at the cabin and was bring back some sculpture that he and Lyn had purchased. 

We met Lynne at the airport and she flew off to Wellington.  The rest of us are taking the ferry, so we will not get back to Wellington until 10:00 Pm. 

We took a short tour of Nelson and stopped along the water front and had fish and chips.  It was so nice the sea was a beautiful turquoise and the sun was shimmering off the waves.  It just doesn’t get any better.  

However it was over too soon and we were back in the van and headed for Picton to catch the ferry.  The ferry here is a huge vessel which carries hundreds of cars and trucks.  It takes 4 hours to cross from Picton  to Wellington across the Cook Strait.

Tonight we stay at Jos’ place before heading off on the North Island adventure.


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