Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 16 2016 Wanaka to Makarora

Today the ride was only 66 kms so there was no hurry to get moving so we slept in.  It was great not to have to jump up and get rolling. The extra time to have the second cup of coffee was appreciated. 

Jos was not successful in getting his disc brakes working last night and he wanted to hit a bike shop in the morning.  Agnes wanted to hit the quilt shop.  Tom was busy hunting down his rain gloves which he had misplaced, and Amy & I were just chilling out.  We rolled downtown and after the third bike shop we found somebody who would work on Jos’ brakes. Tom found his gloves and Agnes got to her quilt shop.  Agnes found a New Zealand quilt kit and some fabric which has lots of sheep on it and it is really cute. 

By the time we were ready to roll there was a big nasty looking cloud bank coming over the mountain and I was starting to feel like we had miss our chance.  On the bikes the sun is shining nicely and we are making good time as there is a decedent tail wind.  The climb for today’s ride was 732 meters but it was spread out through the ride in a lot of steep little spikes.  I think the longest grade was just over 1 km long but it was pretty steep hitting 10%. 

From Wanaka we cycled over to Lake Hawea. Absolutely stunning scenery.  Following along Lake Hawea was absolutely breathtaking.  Then we crossed over a little pass called the neck back to Lake Wanaka.  By this time the wind has picked up and is just howling up the lake.  We were just flying.  Most of the time you could ride along at 30 to 40 kms/hr with almost no effort.

Tonight we are staying in a little farm house which is out in the country.  It is a very quaint place.  The sun was shining on the big over stuffed couches on the veranda.  Sinking into them with a glass of chocolate milk after the ride was heaven.  Agnes and Amy are preparing pot roast for supper and it smells wonderful. 

What a great day.



Anonymous said...

You guys have earned a tail wind and good weather, glad you finally got it! Glad that Agnes got to the quilt shop. Sorry you weren't able to make it to Puzzling World or jet boat on the Wilkins River. Things to do when you come back.....

Jim said...

Great adventure story with rain and mechanical challenges. You guys always improvise and make the best of it. Way to go.
Love the picture of the bra fence. Ten years ago they were collecting bras and panties as good luck to attract an available man. Will have to compare pictures. Looks like the sun is shining so know you will have spectacular sights.

Gail said...

I am so enjoying your blog and especially your photos. Keep it coming. Thank you for taking a part of each day to write your stories, you are a great writer.
So far you have had wind, rain, mechanical problems, have seen a kia and sheep on the road. I think you have it all covered now so the rest of the ride should be smooth sailing.
The vests you are wearing are certain to be a conversation starter - very visible and clever.
Keep it coming and stay safe on the road. Here's to the sun in your face and the wind at your back.