Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 Wellington to Rotorua

Last night we got into Wellington around 9:30 PM and were unloading the car by 10:00 Pm.  John and Liz showed up shortly thereafter and we had a really good visit.  It was great to see them and re-live the bike trip and exchange bike stories. 

This morning Agnes and Jos headed downtown to drop off the old van we had for the tour and pick up the car we have rented for the North Island tour.  The north island tour turned out to be a very nice new Honda Tucson.  However as Tom and Amy brought so much luggage we were barely able to get it all into the Tucson. We were on the road by around 10:45 Am.   I am sure Jos and Lynn were beginning to think we would never leave.

Heading north on the New Zealand No 1 traffic was very heavy to the last day of the Easter Holidays.  This break is kind of like the North American Labour day weekend and marks the end of summer and the back to work for the winter.   By noon we had only made it as far north as Manakau .  For lunch we stopped a place called the Kirk Café which was in this old church. I had the ham and barley soap which was excellent.  The place also had a very weird selection of new and used stuff.  Pink Flamingos, drift wood angels,  fishing lures, bad costume jewelry, heavily used toys.  Well the food was good even though it did take a long time to prepare.

Back on the road and I am feeling like we spent got away too late and spent too much time over lunch.  Sure enough we get another 50 kms up the road and the traffic is stopped.  Apparently there has been a fatal injury accident and the road is closed.  There are no side roads and no other ways of getting to Rotorua.  So we sit and sit and sit.  Finally after an hour delay we start to roll and go about  10 minutes down the road were we are stopped again where we sit for another hour. 

We stopped in Taupo which is at the north end of Lake Taupo.   I wanted to go into the Indian reataruant as it looked like they had an excellent selection of goat on the menu however I was voted down and we went into a Speight’s bar where I had a sawdust  burger -  er..  I mean bacon and beef burger.

 On the road again and we roll into Rotorua at close to 8:30 pm and the hotel just as the hotel manager is calling Jos to find out if we are still coming.  It’s a nice place with a hot tub on the balcony which Tom, Amy and myself jump into.  

A long day on the road.



Jos Kunnen said...

It was strangely quiet after you all departed Terry. I spent the day packing stuff away, cleaning and servicing bikes, etc. and thinking about the upcoming Ireland trip. Sorry you got held up enroute and missed out on goat curry. If I had been there, it would have sound the vote. We've been contemplating goat curry all trip! Hope the hotel was excellent. cheers Jos

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delays enroute. Have fun in Rotorua, sulphur much? Later, Earnie

Anonymous said...

Now that you have finished the cycling, you finally have the weather under control. Looks like you have had some really nice days for car touring.

I would have voted for the goat curry too!

Enjoy the rest of the trip.

Calgary Ken C.

Jurg said...

Hi Terry
Great to read what is going on down under ! Great trip, with all kind of weather and lot of things happening. Have a save ride. Keep the rubber side down!
Please say hello to Agnes, Jos an Lynn, John and Liz and all the others
Jürg from Switzerland, with very little cycling milage in 2016 yet :-(

NB Why goat? have the Kiwis run out of sheep ;-)