Saturday, June 19, 2010

Registration Day Everett WA

Registration Day:
This morning we were up early as we had to drive up to Seattle from Portland. Before we could leave there was some last minute laundry and the condo needed a last minute cleaning swipe. We were on the road by 9:00 AM and didn’t get very far before we ran into a draw bridge which was up so we sat in the car for 40 minutes. It was a long way up the road so we didn’t even get to see the boat. The drive was supposed to be three and a half hours but traffic was so bad by Seattle that it took close five hours.
The ride is actually originating in Everett Washington which is a suburb of Seattle. The Garmin took us right to the spot. You could tell it was a bike ride as it had all the markings of a ride. Bikes being assembled everywhere. Knots of people talking very excitedly. As we pull up I see some friends from previous rides. It was very cool. The ride starts from the Everett Boys and Girls Club, which is a kind of community league facility.
Agnes drops me off and head for home. It really brought it home that I am going to be gone for nine weeks. It was really scary.
Lots of people are sleeping in the gym but I set my tent up on the grass in the back. Although it is cloudy I doubt that if there is any rainy it won’t be bad. After I got my tent set up I went inside and signed in. In the rider package was a couple of maps which show the rout for the entire trip and this week’s ride.
Well I have to run as rider meeting is about to start.


Agnes said...

Glad you included a copy of the weekly map in your entry today, it makes it easy to follow your ride. Arrived in Vancouver BC about 5 pm. Tony and Tyna say good luck on your adventure. Miss you already.


Ken C. said...

Terry, ten miles down the road "scary" will be a distant memory. Enjoy the ride.

Ken C.