Friday, June 25, 2010

Fast and fun in Montana

If this is Friday it must be Montana. Wow how the states fly by when your having fun. Seems like just a few days ago we registering and setting up tents in Everett Washington, and here we are through Idaho and in Montana. True we only went through the pan handle of Idaho.
Today's ride started out sunny and we back tracked 7 miles along the bike pathway to the turn off to Thompson Falls. It was a relatively short day after the three centuries so everyone was in a great mood and there was lots of joking and laughing along the route. It was only 69 miles and was an up and over the pass type of ride. Thompson pass was 45 miles out and only about 5 of it was really steep. But they were very STEEP. At the summit we had picnic which was hot dogs on the barbie with all the trimmings including corn on the cob. They were great and were greedily gobbled up. However being at the summit of a pass the wind whipped up and I was feeling the wind though my jersey so it was time to head for the barn. The ride down was a bit scary for the first 5 miles as the pavement was rutted and rough. It was even steeper on the down side of the pass and I rode my brakes most of the way. At the 55 mile mark was a local store and bar called the Sourdough. It was quite colourful and the patrons were even more colourful. I thought Patrick was going to get in fight with one but he turned it into a joke and we blew out of there. The rest of the ride was easy and we flew into Thompson falls in good time.
As promised the showers were cold as the hot water plant is down for summer over haul. However there is Internet in the library. Yahoo. Get good Internet and not have to mess with the air card which is slooooooow. So let me share a few pictures with you.
They are:
Tom whom I ride with
Sumit of Stephen Pass
Ride down from Stephen pass. The camera was having trouble as it was so foggy
Moose and her calfs
Me and the dam
Tom just cruising.
Lets Ride!

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