Monday, June 28, 2010

Eighty Hot Miles into Lincoln Montana

This morning was kind of bitter sweet as it was so nice staying in the dorm
at the university. However it was time to push on so after a huge feast in the cafeteria it was on the bike. The morning was really cold and there was a terrible wind which had me stopping to put on my coat. The route was all up hill to day over more chip coat road. The chip coat was not as big and it had been down for several years so the road was much better. About 6 miles out of town the wind died down and I stopped to take my coat off.
The road was pretty much a steady grade all day. We had a net gain of 2500 feet in 80 miles so it wasn't steep but the only down hills were very short and it didn't give you much of a rest. Lunch was at 43 miles so I was there by 10:30. It was in a beautiful little park which had huge Douglas fir trees. I hated to leave. However as the temperature was building I had to keep going. The scenery was great as we were riding up this river valley and it is now wonder that they call Montana "Big Sky" country. I had only 37 miles to go after lunch but it was getting hot so I keep pressing on. In the end I was glad to roll into town and get off my bike. A sign said that it was 86F.
Well I have to run as I am in the public library, and you are only allowed 30 minutes. Once again no pictures. Sorry!


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Jim said...


Great pics from Missoula. I see you are headed south for Yellowstone. I know the scenery will be huge.

I am still recovering from Colo ride. Went to spin class and quit after 30 minutes...what a wimp.

It is 107 deg here. Enjoy the cool!