Monday, June 14, 2010

Pre-ride Blather Monday June 15

Greetings :

Well here we are getting all set for the big ride of 2010. I am on my way down to Seattle to join up with Cycle America to join the Coast to Coast bicycle ride. First we are headed to Portland to spend a few days with my brother and then from Portland we are going to head off to the bike ride. This follows Earnie's Rule Number 1 of bike tours, which is "If you can get to the tour in two days by car do so."

When I heard that Cycle America was doing this ride back in 2009 I knew that this was a must do. So it seems like so long ago that the decision to go was made and now it is upon us. On some level it is a little daunting to be headed off on a 6500 kms bike ride which is going to take 63 days to complete. However all the training has been done and all the preparation is done. The first couple of weeks are the hardest. The getting use to the routine, and working the body into shape.

To day we got up early and drove from Calgary to Pasco in Washington. Agnes was of the opinion that everything would not fit in the car but it easily did so and we were off. Driving for 10 hours takes it toll and we hit the motel and crashed. However tomorrow is an easy day with only about 4 hours into Portland and so I get to sleep in.



Anonymous said...


I am all over your blog, so any miss steps or errors will quickly be noted!!! I wish you, Tom and your fellow cyclists nothing with tailwinds and downhills! See you in Michigan.


Ken C. said...

Terry, good luck on the ride!!

Ken C.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Terry,

I just reread my comment and I would appreciate it if you would edit it for me so it says "nothing but ..." instead of "nothing with...." Thank you. This comment does not need to be posted. Sorry for the error!!!!

Later, Earnie