Monday, June 28, 2010

I just wanted to post a few pictures on the University of Missoula Campus and a map of the second week's route. The campus here is a beautiful Little campus with a mix of old and new buildings. The university was founded in something like 1863 so it is not a real new place. When I was a high school kid I dreamed of going to a small campus where things were more intimate than at the big UofA. Of course there are no kids here as school is out for the summer so it seems very idyllic now. During school session it maybe a mad house.

The route for week two is much easier averaging only 74 miles per day. Having said that we are moving into higher elevations so cycling become more difficult.

I heard a good one to day, " The reason I like riding my bike is because it makes me feel like I am nine again

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Anonymous said...

University of Montana, not University of Missoula!!!. Anyhow, as I graduated from the U of M, I am glad that you were so happy at my alma mater. It is a great campus and a great town. Even when school is in session, the campus is big enough to absorb the students, but watch out for the bikes! When I went there enrollment was around 8000, now it is 15000.

Just finished a week in Wisconsin, you will enjoy your time there the end of July.

I am enjoying your blog and reading how things are going. I am glad you finally mentioned Tom and took a picture of him, as I was afraid he may have gotten lost in the mountains, being that he is a big city boy. Keep up the good work!