Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ennis Montana June 30

Last nights storm howled until about 10:30 and then it just quit. So it was a quiet night in the tent. However as the clouds were still lingering I was on the road early this morning as we headed for Ennis Montana. I was putting the pedal down as hard as i could as there was a huge band of rain not far away and I was hoping to out run it. Well it sort of worked as I got about 14 miles down the road when the road turned directly into it. Pulling on my rain coat was all I could do. There was a lot of lightning but it was at least 2 miles off by my count. After about 5 miles I emerged from the other side, totally soaked but in the sun. The scenery was great and I have lots of photos however as I have a really poor Internet connection I can't up load them.

All was well until at the 35 mile mark I got a flat, which is my first of the trip. There was a good place to fix it as it happened except for the mosquito's which ate me alive.
Picnic was at 50 mile mark. So I cruised in and they had chili for lunch. It was excellent and I had a couple of bowels. When you burn 6000 calories a day you can eat as much as you want. With only 27 miles to go it was an easy day so I put it in cruise and just sailed along enjoying the scenery, sun and the lack of a head wind. There was short 2 mile climb at the 65 mile mark and when I got 3/4 of the way up another rider was having trouble fixing a tire so I stopped and fixed his tire for him. It was a good break. The break cost me however as I was about 3 miles short of town when a second cloud burst caught me and soaked me again. I understand that a bunch of the riders who were behind be got caught in a terrible hail storm and had to be sagged in.
Ennis is a cute little town which as fond memories as Agnes and I camped here 30+ years ago. There is a bunch of neat art in the little parks up and down main street. The school however is another matter. As the hot water was out, so we had cold showers. The gym was closed to the floor floppers because there was basket ball practice. Four kids showed up and played for 10 minutes then the gym was locked. They locked the library as well and all the class rooms. I hope that Cycle America isn't paying too much for the use of the gym. "Home of Mustangs" more like home of the jerks. Hey call em like I see them.

Got to run.



Anonymous said...

Great site. Good comments.

George E. Fahrenkopf said...

I'm the C.A. guy who sets up all the overnights on the C2C tour. Your comments will prove useful when I call the schools for the next tour.