Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 9 – The Third Sea Day

I am not sure that the plan of getting up to work up an appetite is working out quite as well as I had planned. We have been on the ship for 5 days and I stepped on the scale this morning expecting to see a large gain and was shocked to see that there was only a marginal gain if any. However the food is really excellent, whether it is breakfast lunch or dinner, you just know that it is going to be a great meal. The chocolate cake here has proven to be an excellent chose. At lunch to day there was this kind of rolled chocolate cake. It was like a jelly roll except that instead of jelly it was this creamy chocolate between the layers.

Being a sea day is generally relaxing and today was no exception. I have taken the time to write some on my blog, go to a few lectures on some of the ports we are going to stop at and just have a nice easy day. There is nothing more relaxing that sitting in a deck chair and reading a good book. I am a good way into a Robert Ludlum, and as usual with his books you never know who is going to be the bad guy.

Tonight’s entertainment is a classical pianist. I am sure that he is very talented however tonight the movie is “Year One” with Jack Black so it should be hilarious. Popcorn and a movie are probably more my style than classic piano.

Tomorrow we are in Aruba.

I didn't take any pictures today. Sorry



Don said...

What no pictures, no babes in two-pieces. Finally parked the road bike yesterday and got on the winter bike. Wish I was there. HMMMM chocolate cake. Say hello to Jim and

Wes Reid said...

Sounds like it's nice and hot down there. We got snow again yesterday so you guys are in a good spot. Young Ajax went to the vet again today as he still has the same issue. Vet gave me a liquid medicine this time and some soft gastro food to give him. If it doesn't clear up by thursday I am to get a sample and bring it to the vet for testing. His energy is great and appetite is even better so no worries says the vet. Very common issue with the puppies. I'll comment to you again on thurs snd let you know how it goes.
Have a great movie night... Wes