Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 4 - Nov 24

This morning I was up at 7:00 Am and headed down the road for a little run. It turned into a 40 minute run down the beach. It was absolutely beautiful. It was about 75F and close to 100% humidity. So it was a little sticky but I got rolling and the miles just fell away. It was really great.

When I got back everyone else was up and eating breakfast. We had decided to go look at real estate. With all the news saying how badly the Florida market got hit we had to see for ourselves. We have been driving past signs advertising foreclosures and boarded up developments. It looked like there were lots of homes for sale up in Boynton Beach which is about 20 miles up the road so we headed off. We saw a lot of real estate today and most of it does in fact look like it is 50% off. Having said that it is still around $250/ sq foot. In San Antonio we were looking at equivalent homes for $80/sq ft. In Florida tornado insurance runs around $3000/yr. The Home Owner Association fees are around $430/month as the common area maintenance is very high. Taxes are also high at around $5000/year. So I think that when I come to Florida I will rent.
As we were driving home the Good Year blimp was coming into its hanger. It floated right over us and we were able to watch it land, right beside us. I had no idea how really big it is until you get up close. The thing is HUGE.

Well tomorrow we get on the boat so we had to buy a bottle for the cabin. I got a 1.75 l of Johnny Walker Red for $28.00. What a deal! Add the great weather and I understand why people want to live here.

Tomorrow we get on the ship and head off. So it maybe a few days before you hear from me.

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Don Oaks said...

Yuk!!! John Walker!!!! Wish you had your bike with you or just are you just enjoying "hanging out".
How are the BBL's tasting?