Saturday, November 28, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 5 ' All Aboard

Amazon Adventure Day 5 – All Aboard

When we awoke this morning it was pouring rain. And I mean POURING. The sky was totally black and the rain was just hammering down. About 9:00 Am it turned into a thunder storm and there were quite a few big flashes followed big huge booms as the thunder followed.

Agnes and Sandra had booked themselves into a spa to have their nails done so they took off leaving Jim and I to clean up the condo and check out. There were a few beers left so we sat out on the balcony and drank them and watched the rain. It was quite a show. We had to get out of the condo at 10:00 so we rolled the luggage down stairs and put the luggage into the bell check. As we had no car we were stuck waiting for Agnes and Sandra to return. We were expecting them around 10:30 so when they hadn’t shown by 11:00, we were beginning to wonder. By 12:00 it was what the heck happened? By 1:00 PM it wasn’t funny any more. Being stuck in the lobby for 3 hours was getting painful. At 1:30 they showed. Four hours to do your nails???

With the luggage in the car we headed off to the pier to board the ship. Port of the Everglades where the cruise ship docks was about 10 miles down the coast so we wandered down to the ship taking the scenic route. It is so pretty along the coast. All the palm trees, the beaches, the soft pastel colours of the condos, and the marines with the yachts. The rain had cleared off and the sun was out. It was surprising how quickly things dried off. The rain had cooled things off so it was a very pleasant afternoon. Jim dropped us at the dock and left to take the rental car back. Check in at the ship was very easy and 10 minutes later we were having an iced tea on the back deck.

The ship didn’t leave until 9:00Pm so we had a shower had super and went out on deck to watch the ship leave harbour.

WOW! Here we are leaving on the big adventure, which has been in the works for eight months.


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