Saturday, November 28, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 7 Second day at Sea

Amazon Adventure Day 7 – Second Sea Day

Up early and into the gym to get rid of extra calories. Thirty minutes on the elliptical and 60 minutes lifting weights. Ok should about do it and off to a hearty breakfast.

After breakfast I thought I had better play with my new PSP. I am actually starting to get pretty good at it. Not professional mind you but good enough to win the odd race and to get better cars that the Toyota Corollas, and Honda Civics I have been driving. I picked up a Mercedes CLK – AMG 63 which is pretty hot and a Mustang SHO. I was playing in this one lecture on famous baseball players on Santo Domingo and was getting dirty looks from other people in the lecture even though I had my ear plugs in, so I figured I must be doing pretty good.

The crowed on this cruise is quite old. The average age is probably close to 100. This makes me the second youngest person on the cruise. There is a young man and his wife who are on their honeymoon,. They are from Montreal. They are in their early 20’s. But its ok. They don’t spend long in the gym. They come in one door and walk out the other door. I over heard this fellow telling another passenger he was in the gym this morning. He was not lying. He came in looked left, looked right and went out the opposite door.

We booked our tours for when we are going to be in Brazil. They include piranha fishing, jungle walks, canoe trips into the jungle, and lots of other neat stuff. We also booked two suppers in the Pinnacle Grill. Once for my birthday and once for Jim and Sandra’s anniversary. In there you can have a 22 oz T-bone, and lot of other really great meals.

Off to supper. I am starving.


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