Monday, November 23, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 2 - Nov 22

Today was a pretty lazy day. We got up late and had a late breakfast. The wind was blowing really hard so we weren't in any big rush to get out. Of course after the brutal flight it was no wonder everybody was into laying low.

About 10:00 we went over to this craft mall and flea market. There was a huge car show in the parking lot. There were a lot of cars, everything from customs to stock cars. There were a lot of Corvettes and Mustangs. There was a 1917 Van Blecker which was a 17.0 Liter 4 cylinder race car, which produced 35 hp. It had huge 40" wheels which were driven with a 1.5" roller chain. Very High tech. I had never seen one before. There was lots of other interesting vehicles including a bunch of pickups which ranged from the stock to wild customs. There was a monster truck which had been turned into a limo. Crazy!

In the late after noon we walked down the beach. The wind had stopped and it was really nice. There was a new condo tower which was an ocean front building. So we went in and had a look. The condos were 2450 sq feet to 2900 and ranged in price from $600K to $900K. They real really beautiful or at least the show suite was. It would be kind of neat to live in an ocean front condo. Watch the sun rise over the ocean. Sit on the balcony and drink your morning coffee 365 days a year. Well I don't know if I could do it. NO PETS. How could you live with out your dog to keep you company?

Back in the condo we watched the last of the NASCAR race and it was great to see Denny Hamlin win 4th race this season. He has had a great season. In fact the best of his career.
Well better get going as We are off to Key West this morning. The plan is to hit the sunset party there.


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