Friday, June 23, 2017

June 23 2017 Rest Day in Bath

Today was the first of two rest days in Bath.  So there was no need to get all fired up and chase around site seeing.  The first week was a hard week and  I was taking the day off.  
We are staying in a really cool turn of the century town house.  It is filled with very unique art work.  There are lots of paintings, papier mache animal heads and animal masks,  wooden masks and other odd bits.  There is a huge bath tub in the basement.  So staying around and just enjoying this neat old home  was great. 
The day was spent writing a few e-mails,  having a nap and a soak in the big bath tub.  It was so nice to be lazy. 
Jos and Patrick went for a walk and came home with a one time use barbeque and a bunch of prepared kabobs and a pizza.  Jos cooked some mushrooms and rice while I cooked the kabobs on the tin foil barbeque.  I was quite sceptical that this thing would work as the charcoal in the pan was quite broken up and the only thing to light barbeque was a sheet of paper which lay over top the charcoal.  However one match and the thing lit and in a few moments was a good grill.  The kakbobs turned out excellent anwe had a great feast. 
After summer we went for a drive and cruised around to Royal Cresent which is a huge stone building, which is constructed in a semi-circle and overlooks the city.  It is celebrating its 250 birthday this year.  It is “the address of Bath”.   
Home for ice-cream and strawberries.   It just doesn’t get any better.
Tomorrow we are off to the Roman Baths and Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea; a single use BBQ. Cooking at "home" is a nice break from the pub food. Enjoy your rest days.

Ken C.

earnie said...

Terry and crew, really glad the heat wave has broken and the wind has returned to its prevailing direction. I continue to enjoy the blog, though I got a couple of days behind since my friend from Montana (the one who drove us around Missoula) is visiting. Great pictures as usual. Enjoy the baths.

Margaret Kavanagh said...

Enjoy the rest but not too much beer.

On The Road - Bob and Gail said...

Enjoy your days off. Love the BBQ! Interesting in reading about the baths in "Bath" and your tour.

Cynthia Bergland said...

Got caught up on your blog today. Glad to hear the temps have moderated. Bath looks awesome.