Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 14-15 Vancouver to Farnborough

What day is it really?  Somehow I always lose a day on these trips to Europe.

I got up at very reasonable time and we had an crappy  in hotel breakfast of bad waffles and then off to the airport.  We tried a new car park thing this time which was a valet parking.  Leave your keys in the car and walk away.  Worry about where it will be in 35 days.  The check in was really smooth, as we had opted for the AirTransat Options Plus which put us in the priority line.  What a great deal Options Plus is.   The only glitch was the bike bag check in which had to go down the fragile oversize line.   The security officer opened every zipper and pulled and ripped off my so carefully placed and tapped foam. Really is there a big problem with exploding bikes.   She finally sent it down the belt but left me worried about how much of the bike padding was still in place.   Through security and watched the divers feed the fish in the big Vancouver airport aquarium.

The plane was a very nice new A330.   A 9 hour flight but then a 7 hour time difference and before you know it you are short a day.  How you get that day back is a total mystery to me.  Maybe I am a time traveler and just don’t get it.

The electronic boarder security machines were down in Gatwick so it was a long line to clear passport control.  However we did get through and found Jos.  Off to the van and over to the other terminal and picked up Patrick and off to the Airbnb condo.   It is a very comfortable place.

It took about an hour to put Surly back together.  It all came through ok foam torn up notwithstanding.  The only thing is that one of the fenders was missing an adjustment nut.  Who knows where it went.  A  quick trip to the local bike shop remedied this. 

The Airbnb condo is out in Farnborough which was a famous WWII air base.  There is a large air museum here and we will head over there tomorrow and check it out.



Earnie said...

Terry and crew, I am thinking of you for many reasons. First, I am on the ride in Wisconsin I had committed to before you guys came up with LEJOG. Second, I am at the college in Baraboo, in the same spot Terry and I camped. Million dollar view! We will ride through Devils Lake and cross on the free ferry, just like before, but will turn right off the ferry instead of left. First day it has not rained! Third, Terry had sent out an email letting us know the blog had nbeen activated. Only get WiFi certain places, so will be easier to follow you when I am at home. Safe travels to all of you. Earnie

Jim said...

Good to hear you made it. I see from your picture you are managing driving on the wrong side of the road. Way to go!

I have my new green Roubaix bike and have the first ride tomorrow. One innovation is the Di2 automatically changes the front chain ring depending on the gear selected in the rear. It effectively converts the 22 speeds to 11 using only right shifter. Will let you know how it works.

We are supposed to have record temps starting this weekend with highs reaching 120 next week. Hope you don't complain about the cold. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, got to see you back on a bike tour & kicking off the blog again! Look forward to reading all about this fabulous trip you are going on. Hope the Tour Director can cut the mustard. Ride safe and have a great tour.

Anonymous said...

Glad you all have arrived. Have a great adventure--we're looking forward to following along via your blog. Safe travels!
Julie & Ed

On The Road - Bob and Gail said...

Happy that you arrived safely. I see Jim told you about his new bike and he was fairly sailing along today on the new steed. Be safe and have a grand ride. I have been out of town and finally got your blog info out to all club members.
Looking forward to following your adventures. LOVED the pics of "Heckle & Jekyll.

June said...

Glad you both arrived okay. Hope Agnes was able to find a coffee pot! Take care on the road. June & Keith