Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 13, 2017 Kelowna to Vancouver Bird Show

I was awaken early this morning by a group of Saurman’s spies who had landed in the dry snag which is just behind my house.   How Saurman got as far as he did relying on these clowns is really hard to comprehend.   I think that the Haida legends which had the raven as a trickster and clown are much more correct.  This pair was playing on the snag, pecking at each other and calling each other names.  A little game of pushing and shoving to see who would fall off the perch first ensued.  All the clawing called in a third buddy.  A game of king of the castle followed with each bird trying to take the top branch.  It was a great show.
I ate my breakfast while I enjoyed the bird show and then Agnes and I loaded the luggage, made a final check to make sure we had passports and everything and were off.
The flights from Kelowna was Kelowna – Calgary – Toronto – London for some ridiculous travel time of 27. 5 hours.  However a person could drive to Vancouver and overnight then take an 8.5 hr direct flight.  As it is only a 4 hour drive down to the Vancouver airport we chose to make the drive.    A totally non eventful drive ensued and we are in a totally non-descript Days Inn a few blocks from the airport.  Perfect!  Lazy breakfast in the morning and we are on the plane and London England bound.

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Liz said...

Looking forward to following your travels again. Safe cycling, and have a great holiday.