Friday, June 30, 2017

June 30 2017 Dearne Valley (Barnsley) to York

It had stopped raining yesterday evening and it looking like the sun was starting to show through.  So it was promising to be a fun day on the trails.  Once on the trails I was quite pleased to see how much they had dried out.  Where the path was paved and tree lined the leaf litter was still wet and slippery.  Where the path wasn’t paved the water had soaked into the gravel.   The new Garmin was working perfectly and the big mud flaps where keeping what spray there was off me.  
We started down the Trans Pennine Trail.   The path behind the hotel was an old rail line with a general slight downhill trend so we were just flying along.   By time we hit mile 15 (24 kms) we were down a canal path.  This path was paved so again we made good time.   The clouds had started to build and at one point it looked like it was about to start raining so we pulled on rain jackets.  This chased the rain off.   The trail took us across and old abandon airfield and this was the only rough section of the day and it was only a couple of miles.
Before we knew it we were in Selby where we met Agnes for lunch.  The sky had darkened and rain was eminent. So we had a quick sub and while we ate lunch the rain started but it was short lived and it quit just as we were getting ready to head out.   About 2 miles out of town we had a short rough section of path and were just flying down this narrow little path which was pretty rough when Patrick broke his chain.  This is a brand new bike with less than 800 miles (1300 kms).  We were able to push the pin out and shorten the chain by a couple of links which means Patrick can’t get into a couple of his gears, however as we have two rest days in York he can get a new chain fitted. 
The last few miles down a paved rail line flew by and before we knew it we were in York and alongside our home for the next two days.  We are staying in a luxury canal boat which is right down town York. The Motor Vessel Till is the oldest operating vessel on the river and was built in 1910     as a freight barge to haul beans to the chocolate factories in York.  Now it is a luxury house boat.   It is just down from the British Rail Museum which is the largest rail museum in the world.   It is reported that it takes a month to see it.  Agnes and I will spend one day.  

What a great day!  We had a great route down a lot of paved pathways.  The 60 miles (100 kms) just flew by.  The new Garmin worked great.  The new mud flaps kept me nice and dry.  We landed in a beautiful home for the next few days.  Agnes and Jos cooked us a great supper.


Mike Brousseau said...

Sounds like you had yourselves a great day. A nice change up from the rain and mud. Enjoy your rest day, sounds like you've earned one.

Jim said...

Wow, nice digs. I'll bet you don't miss sleeping in a tent. Good to hear that you guys are back to motoring along. I would wonder if the muddy conditions didn't contribute to Patrick's broken chain. We will look forward to hearing about the RR museum. We are out of here after the wedding tomorrowđź‘Ź

Cynthia Bergland said...

the boat looks awesome!

wendeth1 said...

Boat hotel, what fun!!