Friday, June 16, 2017

July 16 Farnborough Logistics Day

After yesterday’s hectic travel day today was a day to recover and get prepared for the big adventure in front of us.  As a result everyone slept in.  There was no lost luggage to chase down so we kept it pretty low key. 
In the morning we went for a walk down to the shopping mall which is just a few blocks from the condo.  Agnes and I got sim cards for our cell phones so we are all now on the air and talking.  The pay as you go cards here are only 20Pounds which would compare to a monthly bill of close to $70 Canadian.  This makes owning a cell phone pretty cheap.   If you go on a monthly rate with a 12 month commitment the price drops to only 10 Pounds or around $18 cdn.    
After a quick sandwich Jos and I took our bikes out for a quick shake down ride.  Not far or fast but enough to figure out what needed adjusting and what was working fine.   My mirror was crooked and needed work and my front brakes were dragging a bit.  So a few minor tweaks and on the way.   Surly reall shifts nice with all the new components and  fresh cables.  
Jos and I circled the Farnborough air hanger from WWII and rode up and through the old zeppelin hanger which was used to house the zeppelins which were on submarine patrol.  All that is left is the metal skeleton of the hanger which has been left in place and is now the center piece of a park.   After pictures we were off to complete a couple of other shopping missions.  Finding a new cable lock for the bikes and getting additional keys cut for the van and roof mounted bike racks. 
Tomorrow we are off to Lands End.  It is approximately 260 miles  so we will probably be on the road most of the day.   


Anonymous said...

The crew looks refreshed and ready to go. Keep up the good work.

Ken C.

On The Road - Bob and Gail said...

What? First day out and riding 260 miles? Now that's the way to start out easy. I hope you are breaking that out over a few days. Carry on!

Jerry Seese said...

Sounds like you are working hard and having fun! Enjoy the time you are there. - Jerry seese

Hilary Jaeger said...

Hey Terry : Looks like it's going to be a great ride. Here'S hoping for dry weather and the occasional tailwind!

Milly Johnson said...

Bon voyage! Milly

Cynthia Bergland said...

Looks like good weather. Safe travels..!