Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aug 18 Camping at Elko BC

I am meeting the ride at the Roosville border crossing tomorrow.  Roosville is close to 700 kms from my home in Kelowna so it was going to take me 8 hours to drive from my house to the meeting place.  In order to accomplish this I had to leave a day early and then camp at a crossroads called Elko.  It is 37 kms from the border.  So in the morning I will get on my bike and ride down to the border.  

I should explain a couple of things.  This ride is being put on by Bike Dreams and runs from Banff Alberta to Apache Wells New Mexico.  They needed a couple of Canadians to work on the Canadian side as they did not have work permits.  So I am going to help out for a week.  It should be lots of fun seeing a ride from the other side.  I will be working until Aug 26.  Then I will camp that night and drive home in the morning.

I am not sure how long this is going to take as this is a borrowed mountain bike and it does not have a speedometer. I have never ridden it so it could be fun.  On the up side I did install my road bike saddle and a pair of road bike clips.  At least the SPD’s will keep me connected to the bike.

The 700 kms  drive started out looking like under 7 hours but then after I got  about 10 kms out of town there was a sign saying highway 33 was closed due to the forest fire down at Rock Creek.   So I had to turn around and go the long way through Golden.  It is now 750 kms and there is construction and slow moving motorhomes everywhere.  However I made it and got checked into the camp ground. 


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Jim said...

Wow, you are a professional bike porter and domestic. It should be fun with a bunch of young fat tire guys. They can surely give you some pointers like rock hopping and catching some air. I trust you will have a beer or two with them at the end of the day. Stay safe.