Sunday, August 23, 2015

Aug 22 2015 Banff to Canyon Campground Kananaskis

We were all up and down at breakfast by 7:00 am.  It didn’t take long to get to get the toasted bagel down and get out to the trucks.  The riders were already cuing up to load luggage by 7:15.  However there seemed like a tremendous amount of milling about before everyone finally got on their bikes and rode off. 

I was driving the big Ford 4X4 van which serves as the lunch truck so I departed as quickly as possible.  The van is pretty thirsty so we stopped and filled it and were going to hit Tim Hortons but the lineup must have been 100 deep so we drove on down to the lunch spot.

I was really concerned that the riders were in front of us when we got down to the designated lunch spot as we did not see any one on the road.  However the riders did take a section where we couldn’t go and sure enough they all rolled up about 20 minutes later.  The riders all pulled out about 11:00 except for 4 riders who were not there yet.   Three of them showed up at about 11:30.  Sean had some paper work to do and was coming later so we waited for him.  It was 3:30 by time he got there.     

Yesterday’s cold and storm covered the mountains with a light dusting of snow and they looked absolutely stunning against the bright blue sky.  It was just a wonderful sight.  The storm also had the effect of reducing the dust on the road.  So it was a pretty nice day for a drive in the mountains.

We rolled into camp about 4:30 and helped with supper.   

Tomorrow is all single track so I have to drive the truck around the long way to the Elkford Bc.


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