Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aug 25 Sparwood to Wigwam

Today was a really huge day for the riders.   It was a 135 kms day with two passes to climb.  Before lunch they had a 35 kms section of pavement and then a 15 kms climb to a around 6300 feet which was a 1500 ft climb followed by a 20 kms section of washed out road which was all loose boulders.  Some of the riders wound up walking a lot of it. 

In the mean time I am driving the big Ford 4X4 van around to meet up for lunch.  I head down the highway about 40 kms and take the turn and find that the bridge across the Elk River is out.  This means a 45 minute drive around to Elko where the only other bridge is.  Now I am pressed for time to make it to lunch as I have about 60 kms on this gravel road which has these huge logging trucks on it.  I have to get as far over as possible and just stop.  When they go past there is so much dust you cannot see 5 feet in front of you for 3 or 4 minutes.   I have one of the riders with me has he decided to sag the first half and it was really great as he was able navigate for me.

We got to the lunch spot with 15 minutes to spare before the first rider showed up.  It was a beautiful spot beside the river.  Everyone had a good lunch and was having a great day as it was perfect riding weather. 

After lunch we followed the riders into camp down the road.  The riders were actually faster than the van even though they had a second pass to climb.   It was pretty slow going as they wanted to let one of the other crew practice with the van as I was leaving the following day.  She was pretty bad and we didn’t get into camp until around 7:00 Pm. 

The Wigwam campground was a pretty basic place with one pit toilet and no water.  However I was glad to be in as it was a long day.   My tent and sleeping bag were a welcome place to curl up in. 


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