Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Enderby to Kelowna

July 8, 2015

Enderby to Kelowna

The ride home was only 80 kms so we had a 6:00 Am alarm this morning and were rolling by 7:20 Am.  The smoke haze of yesterday had abated somewhat and we had a brilliant blue sky.   It was already starting to get warm so we just took it easy.

The shoulder of the road through the town of Enderby was terrible.  It was narrow and all broken up.  This coupled with a lot of traffic made the couple of kms through Enderby torturous.  After we got out of town the shoulder widen out but it was full of sink holes which were 2-3 feet wide and 4 -8 inches deep.  So a person had to steer around them and sometimes it was just pick the lest bumpy route through them.   It was only 35 kms down to Vernon and so we were soon past the bad road conditions.  From Vernon south to Kelowna the traffic volume tripled. Fortunately we were able to get on to a bike path for a few kms and two sections of the old highway for a few more and a side road.  This reduced the amount of time on the busy highway.  On the way we stopped at a very nice little bike shop where I found two super lite bottle holders for only $10 each.

The final challenge was the hill in front of my house.  It is one kms long and is 11- 16%. 

What a great bike trip.  It was 1770 kms long with 16 ride days and 19 total days.  Lots of great climbs, lots of great rides.   Great to be home.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you for a successful and safe trip. I enjoyed your dialogue and many scenic pictures. Looking forward to hearing more detail in person. Say bye to your riding buddies for me. See you in the fall. Howard

Anonymous said...

i echo the sentiments of the others...what a beautiful ride and great pictures and commentary!
you all are truly amazing and inspiring!

Jim said...

Congratulations on another 1000+ mile epic bike adventure. You guys had many challenges along the way and met them all. You are to be commended getting the same number safely back as what started! Enjoyed your world class scenery.

On The Road - Bob and Gail said...

Welcome home and thanks for taking us along on your journey through your blog and photos. You did a great job on the ride and seemed to enjoy every minute - even the challenges. Glad you are home safely with Agnes and the big dog. Enjoy the well deserved rest before your next adventure.