Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Revelstoke to Enderby

July 7, 2015

Revelstoke to Enderby

The ride to day was a very easy ride as it was only 110 kms and there was almost no climb. In fact it was primarily downhill.   We got up early as the forecast was for 36C.  When we rolled it was only 12 C so getting away early was paramount. 

The ride out of Revelstoke took us down the TransCanada Highway which is a really busy road.  So being on the road before all of the tourist traffic was essential.   The views along the highway are really spectacular even though a lot of the mountains are obscured by smoke haze from all of the forest fires.  This heat wave has just turned the country into a tinder box.  

At Sciamous we turned off the TransCanada Highway and headed south towards Enderby on Hwy 97.  This road is narrow and windy with really bad and narrow shoulders and of course all of the traffic headed towards Kelowna.  It was really a nerve jangling experience, even though it is very pretty.  Rock walls one the one side and the lake where we are on the other.  The only fortunate thing was is that it was only about 40 kms.

The camp at Enderby is quite large and there is an accordion festival happening.  

Tomorrow is the last day of the ride.  I will be sad to see the ride end even though it will be great to be home after a 19 day ride.  I miss Agnes and the big dog.



Agnes said...

At least you got Ajax and I in the right order. Great pics. I have always loved that hubcab place in Grinrod. Good luck with the accordion festival. Ride safe.

wendeth1 said...

Terry, you are amazing! You do what you love and live it to the fullest. I hope you are biking for decades to come🚴🏻🚴🏻🚴🏻.

Jim said...

Another great adventure and spectacular scenery. Good to hear there is still no place like home, which must be a relief to Agnes and Ajax. Stay safe.