Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kaslo to Naksup.

July 5, 2015

Kaslo to Naksup.

Today was a great day.  It was really nice and cool to start, and the road was almost totally vehicle free. The total ride was only 100.5 kms and 1200 meters of climbing.

I rolled out to camp and had the opportunity to get a free a big screen TV. Unfortunately Ken yelled “Mine” first so I had to yield it to him.  We had a devil of a time getting it secured to the back of his bike but once it was loaded Ken was able to ride off with his brand new TV. 

We were camped 5 kms south of Kaslo and once were at Kaslo we turned west towards New Denver.  There was one Km of about 8% grade right out of Kaslo and then there was another 30 kms of 2%.  There wasn’t a car anywhere and we had the road to ourselves.  The road was beautiful pavement with lots of curves and followed a stream up the valley.  It was so peaceful and serene.  The sounds of the creek, the fresh smell of the pines and not a breath of wind anywhere, all added to the great ride.  At the summit we stopped for a quick snack  and then to the downhill to New Denver.  This downhill was about 16 kms long and covered the same elevation as we just road up. 

At New Denver Jos and I stopped off for a coffee in a really cute café.  Ed and Ken rode on ahead.  Ed had his hearing aid switched to “selective hearing” (turned off).  So he didn’t hear the instructions to go for coffee. 

After coffee we only had a further 49 kms to ride so Jos and I easy pedaled it in.  Along the way I found a beautiful red tea kettle.  It matches my bike very well.  I am so happy to have found this kettle as I will now be able to stop for tea any time I choose. 

Sometimes you think you have found the most beautiful ride ever and then you realize the ride you are on is the best one.



Anonymous said...

Your friends are likely amazed at the beauty of the interior of BC, Terry? Especially so with the unending clear skies that you have been experiencing. Merrilynne and I were fortunate to have spend 25 years in the Vernon area. Two more days and all your fun is over! Say Hi to everyone. Howard

Agnes said...

Won't you be using that kettle to make builders' tea? Great scenery and it founds like an idyllic pedal. Another great day in paradise! Ride safe.

Jim said...

You deserve a perfect day. Great pics. How bout them U.S. Women soccer players in Vancouver!

On The Road - Bob and Gail said...

Between the magnificent scenery, the lovely roads, no traffic and the scoring of both the TV and tea kettle, I would say you had a close to perfect day. You should buy a lottery ticket.
Love the pics and especially the one of you with a very big and wide grin. Life just doesn't get much better.
Enjoy your last few days of this incredible journey.

Tom Erceg said...

Looks like it's been an incredible trip! Good for you for continuing to live the dream